Believe Ambassador 1 Day Hybrid Training Course

Believe Motherwell Cheshire CIO is a relationship-based practice for mum’s and pregnant women whose child/children may be subject to a child protection plan or whose child/children have recently been placed on a child protection plan (3 months or less). The Believe practice “believes” in every mum; there are no age limits.

The programme will allow you to offer emotional support to these mums to help them feel valued, grow in confidence, become more resilient and emotionally strong again, so that they can hopefully rebuild their lives. 

Your will also be able to offer practical support, such as accompanying them to meetings with social care and other agencies and by signposting them to other specialist services that may be able to help them.

The Believe Ambassador one-day training course provides a comprehensive introduction to a programme that will enable you to work with mums and pregnant women whose child/children have been placed on a Child Protection Plan.

Delegates will be provided with all the information and materials/resources they will need to run the programme, including a manual containing guidance for facilitators, handouts, toolkit and resources. The course will include videos on topics that participants are required to watch before the training session.

Course Content

  • You will gain the knowledge & be fully trained to work as a Believe Ambassador
  • Licensed to use Believe Toolkit to support women and pregnant women who are at risk of having a child removed
  • Log In to our Believe Website which will give you access to all resources & information
  • Believe Toolkit

COST: £500 for Organisations & £375 for Individuals

There is also a 1st intake payment plan available

On completion of your training, you will be offered a yearly membership for £99 per year