Below are a series of case studies to show how the Believe Project is helping and supporting!

This is Sammie’s Story

(Name has been changed)

Sammie lived with an alcoholic parent whilst growing up. They would normally come home from school to find the parent drunk, and have to take of herself and her sibling.

Sammie’s parent died when she was in her teens, leaving her to fend for herself.

During their teens, Sammie was sexually assaulted by a family member, which has left her with unresolved trauma. Sammie felt no one would believe what happened so they didn’t tell anyone. The perpetrator made her feel like this was normal behaviour and that she misunderstood the situation.


Sammie has had a couple of abusive relationships which ended with her children being removed from her care and placed with family. Sammie lives with a lot of guilt that her own behaviour  led to this happening. Sammie has not had a lot of adult guidance in her life, and has gotten through life in her own way. She recognises that her choices have not always been good.

Sammie was diagnosed with Cancer in her 20’s. She did not know that at the time she was in fact pregnant. Before she could undergo any treatment, the pregnancy had to be terminated. The cancer diagnosis was very serious, and was categorized at a Stage 3. Sammie was very frightened and told that she may lose her life.

The treatment was successful, and Sammie continues to make good progress, but still has a long way to go physically and emotionally.


Sammie was informed after treatment that it may be unlikely that she would be able to have any other children, but she found she became pregnant. 

The relationship was very abusive and toxic which resulted in Sammie having to leave  and move away.  

Sammie was referred to the Believe Programme for additional support, to help her through the Child  Protection process and to support Sammie with her Mental Health and Wellbeing. Sammie is keen to make positive changes to ensure her and her child have a settled life together.


Sammie has now been given her own home in a new area where she is building a new life for herself and child. 


This is Fiona’s Story 

(Name has been changed)

Fiona is now in her 40’s but her journey has been one of uncertainty. Fiona was placed in the Care System from the age of 2 years.  Due to her Mum dying and her Dad being in the Prison system. Family members were unable to care for Fiona, so the decision was made for her to be placed with Foster Carers.

At 16 years old Fiona was given her own flat, she was ultimately left to her own devices. She was proud of herself that she was able to live independently and deal with the day to day running her own home. Fiona got married and had children of her own. This wasn’t always easy, as with married life, it too proved to be difficult at times. She felt betrayed after her husband had several affairs which hugely affected her mental health and wellbeing.

Fiona’s children have behaviour difficulties from diagnosis of Autism/ADHD, which has impacted on their education and the difficult task Fiona has getting them there.  Due to conflicting parenting and possible emotional harm, the children were placed on a Child Protection Plan. This has affected Fiona greatly, as she has tried very hard to keep the family unit together. Fiona is being supported through our Believe Programme here at Motherwell Cheshire, and has expressed the difference this has made.

“It’s nice just having someone to talk to who is just for me” 

With the ongoing support, the children are attending school regularly and Fiona has seen a positive change within herself too. Fiona has been referred to our Lived Experience Panel whereby she can tell “her story” and to work together with other women to provide a safe and positive environment for themselves and others.