Our Motherwell Believe Project

Believe Motherwell Cheshire CIO is a relationship based practice for mum’s and pregnant women whose child/children may be subject to a child protection plan or whose child/children have recently been placed on a child protection plan. The Believe practice “believes” in every mum… there are no age limits and we offer a dedicated Support Advocate who will support each mum with a bespoke support plan.

We offer emotional support to these mums to help them feel valued, grow in confidence, become more resilient and emotionally strong again, so that they can hopefully rebuild their lives. 

We also offer practical support, such as accompanying them to meetings with social care and other agencies and by signposting them to other specialist services that may be able to help them.

Mums are also invited to join our Motherwell Wellbeing Groups and Workshops. Mums can feel at ease and most importantly not judged within a group of other women who all understand and empathise with exactly how they are feeling about their children not being in their care.

Our Believe Project

Our Mission


The Believe project is here to encourage you to find the best in yourself and we are here to support and guide your choices.


Through working with the Believe project we hope to inspire you directly but also help you connect with peer support so we can move forward together.


The Believe project seeks to place the power of choice and future in your hands and help you build the tools to take positive decisions for you.

Believe Project Case Studies

Where to find our services:

One-to-One Support – Crewe and surrounding areas & Winsford and surrounding areas

Counselling – Crewe & Winsford