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Believe Group session

Each mum is partnered with a dedicated Motherwell Support Worker for both emotional and practical support. The Support Worker helps the mum understand and deal with whatever stage of the social care process they are in.

They accompany the mum to all levels of social care meetings from Core Groups to Looked After Review Meetings, offering support and advice where needed.

Our Believe support worker attended 758 meetings or calls from January – September 2020, which was one of the toughest periods for our Believe mums as the first Covid-19 lockdown occurred.

Positive feedback following meetings:
“Thank you so much for coming with me – I felt heard for the first time. They usually ignore me!!” KH
“I’m really glad you talked to me about what to expect in the meeting. I didn’t feel as nervous.” SG

“I’m glad you helped me think about questions before we went in, I was so frightened in there I’d have probably forgotten everything.” LB
“It’s so good being able to talk to you after a meeting and know you’ve written things down for me – you’re like my own personal secretary”…laugh KG

The Support Worker can also act as an intermediary with social workers, solicitors and any other agencies/support services if needed.

Feedback from the group is also very positive: 
“Felt good to be with girls who know what I’m really going through”
“Think today is the first time I’ve felt relaxed around other people, thanks for making me come!”
“What lovely girls, glad I’m not on my own in this!”


Client Feedback

Client V
Client X
Client Z

V is a 31 year old single mum of 2 girls.

She was referred to Motherwell in Oct 2018. After many years of multi agency and social care involvement the situation at home reached crisis point and both of V’s children were taken out of her care in January 2019.

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X is 25 years old.

X had her first child removed and he is in the care of her mother. At that point in her life X admits to having had problems with alcohol misuse and keeping company with unsuitable people and subsequently her mental health declined severely.

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Z is a 26 year old lady.

Five years ago she was in a very controlling and abusive relationship. At the time Z was unable to recognise this and when she fell pregnant she did not take the advice or work with professionals from Children’s Social Care. 

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Chester University Evaluation

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The Believe team are currently working alongside Chester University with the aim of producing an academic evaluation based on the feedback that the mums involved in the Believe project provided over a 6 month period.

These findings will then be made available for the Believe team to use to shape further development of the project. These findings will also be used for other charities to use as a baseline for setting up their own Believe project locally.