Chester University Evaluation

The University of Chester, Professor Lisa Oakley and Dr Mandy Urquart (Evaluators), were asked to conduct an evaluation of how the Believe Programme could and should support women whose child/ren were open to Social Care.

The women were asked if they would be willing to participate in the evaluation.  It was explained to them that the Evaluation was really important in capturing the support and the impact the Believe Programme made to women.

The University of Chester asked the women to sign a consent form before any evaluation meetings took place.

The process was divided into three parts:

  • The beginning
  • Middle and
  • End of the Believe Programme support.

Motherwell was not privy to any of the information or conversations that took place between the Women and The University of Chester.

Each of the women  were given gift vouchers for each meeting they had with the University, this was Motherwell’s way of saying “Thank You” for taking part, and for being instrumental in the direction of the Believe Programme.