Our Projects

Child and Parent Focussed

At every stage, we encourage the women to keep the child in mind. There is strong evidence that maintaining a relationship between parents and children who are in foster care or have been adopted can have a positive influence on the stability of that placement. Support workers works with women to encourage contact, whether spending time together or through exchanging letters, as we understand the long term impact on both mother and children.

The children of the women who work often live with extended family, or other primary carers, and continue to see their birth mothers. We support women to contain and manage feelings, so contact sessions can be enjoyable, meaningful and memorable for children. Seeing their birth mother recover from, or at least manage, difficulties can reduce stress in children. Creating positive memories for all.

Believe in Us

Our “Believe in us” group is our “voices” group for the Believe project, funded by People Health Trust. This group meets weekly and each week can have a different focus. Some weeks the groups bake or do crafts to help supporting the fundraising for Motherwell Cheshire. The group has also produced a support pack for other mums they may find themselves in the same situation. They also attend trustee meetings and meet with our chair to discuss developments to the Believe project and the Motherwell has a whole. Members of the group also take part in the recruitment selection of new team members of the Motherwell Team.

Chester University Evaluation

The Believe team are currently working alongside Chester University with the aim of producing an academic evaluation based on the feedback that the mums involved in the Believe project provided over a 6 month period.

These findings will then be made available for the Believe team to use to shape further development of the project. These findings will also be used for other charities to use as a baseline for setting up their own Believe project locally.

Intergenerational Mentoring

A unique aspect to the Believe project is our intergenerational mentoring programme. When the support from a Believe support is due to come to an end, the women is then offered a “Bright Star” mentor. Our Bright Stars mentors are all aged 50 years and all trained as a mentor.