Below are a series of case studies to show how the Believe Project is helping and supporting!

She has had a previous son removed and is in the care of her mother. At that point in her life the mum professes to having had problems with alcohol misuse and keeping company with unsuitable people and ultimately her mental health decline severely. As a consequence of this, the relationship with her own mother broke down and she did not see her son for a while. When she found herself pregnant with a second baby, she was informed before she gave birth that the baby would be placed in care, and ultimately , for adoption.

Mum reports of the most horrendous few days after the birth of a second son, where she had to report to the family court whilst still recovering from the birth. However, what was different this time was that she was determined that she would not fight the system, by working with Social services and the courts. She had decided that this second son was not going to be adopted out, despite the warnings that this was a very distinct possibility. AW had already begun to work to building up the relationship with her mother by this stage, and was seeing her elder son on a regular basis.

The younger son was placed in foster care for a while, but AW remained stoic in her belief that before his first birthday in March 2018, that he would be returned home to her. AW then began to work with Motherwell who supported her on her journey. AW worked extremely hard to demonstrate that she had turned her life around. She reported that she “wanted to show everyone that I have changed”. She stopped drinking, cut off all contact with unsuitable people, continued to see her mum and elder son, committed herself to attending meetings with the relevant authorities and engaging with the Motherwell services.

AW was rewarded for her fantastic work by the return of her second son in November 2017. Since then, AW has continued to flourish and grow as a mum. Her son is very happy and healthy. When asked if she felt that the work of the Believe project had enabled her to move forward positively, she was very emphatic in her reply: “Oh, most definitely! Without the Believe project, I would not be where I am today”.

She married young and had her son, but then was struck down by severe mental illness and anxiety. Her marriage broke down and she lives with her son. Child is on a child protection plan . DF fights really hard to overcome her mental illness. She has attended regular  counselling and peer support groups for emotional support. DF bagan a relationship which , she has confided is not a healthy one, but that she feels trapped. DF’s self esteem and confidence is so low that she feels unable to move forward. She does find it difficult to discuss issues which are currently affecting her, but the little we do know is that her mother and family don’t appear to be very supportive when she tries to confide her problems.

Consequently, she moved in with her partner, even though it appeared it was not what she wanted. Support worker visited DF at home and she was very anxious. There has been some positivity around this case, though. DF has started volunteering at the charity for a few hours every week. DF performs admin tasks and is very hard working. When asked if she enjoyed her first day in her new role, she replied: “yes thanks, it gives me some self worth that I’m helping”.  We are hoping that DF’s confidence will grow with this role, and the charity  continues to support her to make positive decisions for the future.

Her partner aso has autism. So this mum really had a lot of challenges ahead of her. Pre proceedings began before she gave birth, and Motherwell Believe started working with EB when she was thirty four weeks pregnant. When her baby girl was born, she was placed on an Interim care order.

EB and her partner have been beside themselves with worry that their daughter would be taken from them permanently. EB and her partner remained strong and have shown great  commitment in being the best parents they can be for their daughter. They have been very happy to report that they will be going to live in a family and baby unit for a few months. They understand that they will be assessed but they are determined to show that that they are capable of looking after their daughter.

This was a very emotional outcome for the family, who, a few months ago, feared that they would not see their daughter again. Support worker is staying in touch with EB via phone and when she returns to the area, will continue with the support.

Her previous relationship was a DV one. HD recently gave birth to second son who lives with her and her parents. She has confided that her partner has demonstrated aggressive behaviour . She is determined that this time, she is not going to lose this son. She is engaging with services and is determined to make positive step forward this time.