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The Key To Moving Forward

We are a voice for mums and we are here for mums!

Don't be ashamed of your story

Our Motherwell Believe Project...

is a specialist service supporting mums with a child, or children, who have been placed into care. We work with all mums to help them grow in confidence and feel valued, more resilient and emotionally strong again. 

Our founder Kate Blakemore, a person-centred counsellor, who had worked within the homeless sector for many years and noticed the amount of women who were homeless and without their children in their care. This prompted Kate to look at what issues the women were facing generally in their life and as becoming mum. From research and talking the mums the Believe project was developed.

As part of our service...

each mum is provided with a dedicated Motherwell support worker for ongoing emotional and practical support.

We help mums understand the court process and will also attend court, core groups and child protection conferences with mums where representation is needed. We can also act as an intermediary with social workers, solicitors and other agencies where needed.

Don't give up

Each mum works with their support worker to produce a person-centred support plan that focussed on the following 8 areas:

Healthy Lifestsyle

Managing Mental Health

Voluntary work / employment

Addictive behaviours

Healthy Relationships

Daily Living Skills

Social Networks